Thursday, November 26, 2009

How News Shapes The World TED Talk

This talk was a lot of fun to do. And I have been amazed at the feedback and the views of this talk over the last couple of years. I am in the process of updating it, but the original still rings true as much today as it did back then. I am putting a link to the original TEDTalk as well as to a YouTube slide show we did as well. In all, this video and the slide show version across the site, Youtube and, has had well over 250,000 views. Can't believe it.

It is followed up by a partial update to this talk with a discussions of potential solutions to the problem of how to get more quality global journalism and beat level journalism back into our news diets.

Women, News and Getting Satisfaction...

I wanted to call your attention to a very interesting report that can bring good insights for the "new" news norms that have emerged, women, and social networking. The New Entrepreneurs, New Perspectives from American University’s J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism.

The study focuses on women creators and users of news, and a lot of great insights of how people get involved with news, why, and what traditional news alone may or may not be satisfying people. IT is a number of pages (sorry), but big ideas are highlighted. And it is an interesting read.

"New J-Lab Research: New Entrepreneurs: New Perspectives on News

New forms of journalism are being created around the country where online local news sites have launched to report on their communities. The journalism is characterized by a deliberate shift in the definition of objectivity, a drive for community conversation and discussion, and broader definitions of “news” that seek to connect readers to a sense of the place where they live."