Friday, January 1, 2010

The "Missing" News Stories of 2009

Recently, PRI's program To the Point hosted by Warren Olney and from KCRW in Los Angeles tackled this important subject and interviewed Joshua Keating, Associate Editor at "Foreign Policy" magazine, which created a top 10 of missed stories for 2009. These are stories that could impact America and the world in potentially profound ways, but they were no where to be found. For whatever reason, whether it be a preoccupation by the commercial press to cover celebrity or controversy, etc., these stories went "missing." As Joshua said, "These are ... the kind of stories that tend to linger in the page four section of the daily newspapers, but never make it on to cable news or the blogosphere."

The top three:

#1 The new shipping route that has opened between Russia and the Arctic due to global warming.

#2 Growing fears of conflict between the Arab and Kurdish populations in Iraq.

#3 A border dispute between India & China, "and the hotline established between the two countries to avoid possible war."

Pretty interesting take. Do you remember hearing about these stories? Do you think they are a big deal? Would be curious what your take would be too... what important stories, either national or international or global do you feel the news media missed due to preoccupation with other subjects? Would be interested in your views!

For more background on this topic and interview on To the Point, and to see a link to the entire top 10 list, please visit,, here:

"Missing Stories of 2009 | PRI.ORG

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